Role of the Ombudsman

What can the NCC Ombudsman do?

If the complaint falls under the mandate of the office and all redress avenues within the NCC have been exhausted, the NCC Ombudsman may be able to help in the following ways:

  • Intervene or investigate at the request of a person or group of persons.
  • Intervene or investigate when there is reason to believe that the rights of a person or a group of persons have been adversely affected, or are likely to be, due to an act, decision, recommendation or omission by an employee or representative of the NCC.
  • Learn all of the relevant facts required to resolve a complaint and/or make a recommendation.
  • Intervene or investigate in an effort to settle the problem ascertained and, if need be, issue non legally binding recommendations for the corrective measures the NCC Ombudsman deems appropriate.
  • Prepare and submit a public annual report to the Chair of the NCC's Board of Directors, where the NCC Ombudsman may outline cases or recommendations made.
  • Inform the public about the services of the NCC Ombudsman.

What doesn’t the NCC Ombudsman do?

The NCC Ombudsman does not intervene or investigate the following:

  • Decisions, recommendations, acts or omissions of the NCC Board of Directors or elected officials.
  • Disputes related to employment matters or labour relations within the NCC.
  • Matters involving compliance with existing legislation such as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Official Languages Act, etc.
  • A private dispute before the Courts.
  • A decision made by a tribunal or an organization carrying out judicial duties.

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I will listen and ensure that your complaint or concern is treated with respect and fairly, and that it remains confidential.

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Complaint Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take the NCC Ombudsman to investigate my complaint?
A: While the Ombudsman strives to respond to complaints in a timely manner, each case is unique; therefore, timelines will vary.