Welcome to the website of the National Capital Commission (NCC) Ombudsman.

As the NCC Ombudsman, I am here to serve as an independent, impartial, and confidential resource to resolve complaints when the public believes it has not been treated properly by the NCC. I act to ensure that the public is respected and that each complaint received is reviewed fairly and treated efficiently. I only act when other avenues of redress within the NCC have been exhausted. As such, I always ensure that complainants have tried to resolve their complaints with responsible NCC officials prior to intervening in specific situations.

My role as Ombudsman is independent of NCC management. I report directly to the NCC Board of Directors and remain neutral in the execution of my mandate. I apply informal and efficient methods of intervention to assess and promptly resolve complaints whenever possible.

I also carry out more formal investigations and will formulate non-legally binding recommendations when I determine that this is the preferred course of action. My recommendations are communicated to the parties involved in any investigation and to the NCC Board of Directors.

For more information about the Terms of Reference of the NCC Ombudsman, please click here.

As the NCC Ombudsman, I look forward to working with the public and NCC officials in a common effort to continuously improve NCC services and strengthen the organization’s relationships with citizens, partners, and suppliers.

Kevin Saville