Welcome to the website of the National Capital Commission Ombuds

Hello and welcome!

It is my pleasure to take on these new responsibilities as Ombuds for the National Capital Commission(“NCC”). Ombuds have become very common in governance systems and play a vital role in ensuring that citizens are heard and issues are considered. Recently, the United Nations Resolution on the Role of the Ombudsman was adopted by consensus and is expected to be adopted by the United Nations General Assembly before the end of the year.

At the NCC, the Ombuds’s office has been in place for over ten years now and operates neutrally and independent of management. The mandate of the Ombuds is clear. Canadians have routinely used the Ombud’s services since the creation of the office.

As Ombuds, I will carry out the mandate and ensure these services continue to be provided with a view to fostering open communication, understanding and resolution of issues between public officials and citizens. If you have an issue, complaint, or concern with respect to a decision or recommendation or act or omission of the National Capital Commission, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will listen and ensure that your complaint or concern is treated with respect and fairly, and that it remains confidential. In some circumstances it may be necessary to examine an issue in depth. In appropriate circumstances, an investigation can be carried out. Covid -19 limits our ability to meet in person at this time. Notwithstanding the limitation, this website offers alternative methods in which we can communicate.

Let me end by wishing you well in these challenging times.

Warm Regards and stay well,
Oriana Trombetti